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Bronx Zoo -  Boo At The Zoo: Flamingo Girl


When it comes to Halloween, New York City does not mess around. The city that never sleeps takes its ghouls, ghosts and goblins very, very seriously. So when the Bronx Zoo asked us to help them get more visitors to come up to their annual Halloween event in the Bronx, we knew we would have to reach into our bag of habit-changing tricks and pull out something scary good.

Boo At The Zoo has been a Bronx Zoo tradition for years. But attendance had been down the last few seasons. Sure, some still made a point to make the trek with the kids every year. But our research showed that many people – including the hard to reach influencer crowd, a major source of inspiration when our priority target segments (people who seek the newest, most FOMO inducing activities, and those who are excited by cultural enrichment) are looking for new, exciting NYC experiences – didn’t know too much about Boo.

So we built a campaign that would Inspire Action by bringing a new level of anticipation to Boo At The Zoo while making it relevant to a whole new audience. We started by giving a new twist to a familiar Halloween question… What are you going to be for Boo at the Zoo?

Meet Flamingo Girl. Our adorable little spokesperson. She’s so excited about Boo At The Zoo that she’s already wearing her costume. She’s a young spitfire full of personality, sass and charisma, and she’s giving free costume advice to everyone she meets.

New Yorkers saw Flamingo Girl everywhere. Her spunky personality made her a sensation on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Display and in targeted digital out of home placements.

On November 1st, while everyone else was counting candy bars, we were counting results. And they were delicious.

The Bronx Zoo had their best Boo At The Zoo in five years.

Despite one of the rainiest Octobers in years, attendance was close to ten percent higher than the 5-year-average.

And, best of all, tons of Boo at the Zoo attendees dressed up in costumes, making every weekend in October that much more enjoyable for everyone.